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12/31/1987 "Professional Baseball Formation Committee" founded.
10/23/1989 "The Chinese Professional Baseball League" founded.


03/17/1990 CPBL season inaugurated.
07/07/1992 CPBL expansion plan confirmed: Chinatimes (Eagles) and Jungo (Bears) organization admitted to the League.
11/05/1995 Jungo organization sold its 55% share to Sinon Group; the club was renamed to Sinon.
02/15/1996 CPBL expansion confirmed: Chinatrust (Whales) organization admitted to the League.
06/07/1996 Sinon Group bought the rest 45% share from Jungo organization; the club renamed to "Sinon Bulls."
11/14/1997 Chinatimes organization ordered to suspend its operation for one (1) year pending investigation related to possible game-fixing involvement.
09/15/1998 Chinatimes organization withdrew from the League.
11/08/1999 Mercuries organization withdrew from the League.
12/13/1999 Wei Chuan organization withdrew form the League.


08/21/2000 First official meeting between CPBL and Naluwan Corp. to discuss possible merger issues.


08/15/2001 Second official meeting between CPBL and Naluwan Corp.


10/02/2002 Memorandum signed between CPBL and Naluwan Corp. regarding detailed merger conditions.
12/30/2002 Naluwan Corp. reached decision to dissolve Taiwan Major League.


01/13/2003 CPBL franchises signed agreement with Naluwan Corp. to announce the status of professional baseball in Taiwan. President Chen Shui-bien delivered the blessing notes at the merger press conference.
03/01/2003 Merged and expanded CPBL opened its 14th season at Tienmu Stadium.
10/2003 First "Taiwan Series" played between the Sinon Bulls and the Brother Elephants as the Elephants took the series 4-2 en route to clinch their second "three-consecutive-championship."
12/26/2003 The executive council approved the transfer applications submitted by Naluwan Corp. and First Financial Corp. The Naluwan franchise would be sold to Macoto Bank, and the First Financial franchise would be sold to La new Corp.


8/2004 CPBL season suspended for a month due to Athens Olympics as 12 out of 24 players, coaches and staff of Chinese Taipei national baseball team were selected from CPBL.
12/11/2004 Commissioner Harvey Tang past away at the age of 67. The Executive Council announced later that Brother Elephants owner Jui-Ho Hung would succeed as the Acting Commissioner.
12/31/2004 The high court announced the rulings of the 1997 game-fixing case. 22 out of 23 players indicted in the original case were convicted and sentenced to from seven to twenty months jail time with probation period ranging from one to five years.


7/21/2005 The first one-game playoff of CPBL history was held at Chiayi Stadium to determine the winner of the first-half season between the Bulls and the COBRAS. The COBRAS defeated 4-0 to win its first half-season title in the franchise history.
7/25/2005 County DA brought in players, coaches and team translators from La new Bears and other teams for questioning in relating to possible game-fixing allegations. This investigation was later identified as “Second Scandal” of the Taiwan professional baseball history. The league made the statement to express its determination to fully corporate with the authority, and to announce tighter security measures at all levels.
11/2005 Sinon Bulls represented CPBL in the inaugural tournament of the “Asia Series”. The Bulls won the third place by defeating the China Stars (CBA), but losing to Chiba Lotte Marines (NPB) and Samsung Lions (KBO).
12/26/2005 Former Major League player Chen, Chin-Feng was selected by La new Bears in the draft, becoming the first player with ML experience to join the CPBL. The Bears later announced the most expensive contract in CPBL history by signing Chen with a 6-year contract with minimum salary at NT 10,000,000 per season.


2/15/2006 Dr. Shou-Po Chao, former Chairman of Labor Council, Taiwan Governor and Broadcasting Corporation of China and law professor, was elected to be the 6th Commissioner of CPBL.
3/2006 CPBL announced its first minor-league season.
6/23/2006 Uni-President Lions’ winning streak, dating back from 5/19/2006, extended to 17, setting the new CPBL record.
6/27/2006 Chinatrust Whales defeated Uni-President Lions, making La new Bears the winner of the first-half season; it is the first title on the Bears’ franchise history.
9/23/2006 La new Bears clinched the second-half title by defeating the Macoto COBRAS 7-1; by winning the both halves the Bears advanced to Taiwan Series to secure its home-field advantage.
10/26/2006 La new Bears swept the Uni-President Lions 4 games to none in the Taiwan Series, winning its first championship in franchise history and the rights to represent CPBL at the Asia Series.
11/2006 La new Bears advanced to the final of the "Asia Series" by defeating the China Stars and Samsung Lions; the Bears later lost to the Nippon Ham Fighters in the final to bring the second place home.


03/02/2007 The 2007 Charity Series was held at Hsinchuang Stadium as the Bears defeated the Lions 5-2. Chiba Lotte Marines (NPB) manager Bobby Valentine was presented at the pre-Series press conference.
03/17/2007 The opening game was held at Cheng Ching Lake Stadium with attendance of 10,012, setting the record for the most watched opening game in three seasons.
04/05/2007 The Lions and the Elephants played 4 hours 52 minutes, setting the new record for longest regular 9-inning game in CPBL history.
05/26/2007 The Elephants and the COBRAS combined to have 47 hits and 39 runs, setting the new record for most hits and runs in one game.
06/01/2007 Commissioner was re-elected to his second term by the vote of the Board.
06/25/2007 The COBRAS clinched the first-half season title by defeating the Whales 5-4.
06/30/2007 The Lions and the Whales played 4 hours 56 minutes through 12 innings, setting the new record for the longest game in CPBL history (without interference by weather); both team combined to sent 42 players and 113 plate appearances, also a record in CPBL.
07/24/2007 Pete Munro of the Lions set a new record for most innings pitched without base on balls / dead balls at 38 innings.
08/23/2007 The district attorney questioned five players from the Whales regarding possible allegation of game fixing scandals. Two players were later released by the Club and were announced ineligible for life.
10/03/2007 Kuo-Ching Kao of the Lions collected his 144th hit of the season, setting the new record of CPBL for most hits in single season.
10/05/2007 Tilson Brito of the Lions belted his 33rd homerun and 106th RBI of the season, setting new records on both categories in CPBL.
10/10/2007 The Bears clinched the second-half season title by defeating the Lions, 4-1, in the last game of the season to advance to Taiwan Series. The Lions also advanced to the playoff as wild card.
10/14/2007 The Lions swept the COBRAS in the best-of-five Playoff Series to advance to Taiwan Series.
10/28/2007 The Lions defeated the Bears 4-3 in the best-of seven Taiwan Series to clinch the Championship of 2007 and the berth to represent CPBL at the KONAMI CUP Asia Series to be held in Tokyo, Japan.
11/10/2007 The Lions lost to the SK Wyverns (KBO) 1-13, placed on third with only 1 win in the KONAMI CUP Asia Series 2007.


02/04/2008 Uni-President Lions changed its name to Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions.
02/21/2008 Uni-President Lions changed its name to Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions.
03/19/2008 The Elephants defeated the Lions, 8-0, in the season opener.
04/04/2008 La new shortsrop Lin, Chih-Sheng physically assaulted the first base umpire in protesting the call, marking the most serious offense by the player to umpire. Lin was suspended indefinitely, and later reduced to 15 games.
04/05/2008 Brother Elephants’ Peng, Cheng-min stole his career 100th base, becoming 3rd player in the league history to achieve the “100 (HR)-100 (SB)” feast.
04/30/2008 La new Bears tied the league record with 26 hits in a game en route to defeat the Whales, 22-2.
06/08/2008 Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions clinched the first-half season title by defeating the Bulls, 5-0. The Lions also tied the Elephant’s record for most half-season titles at 9.
07/19/2008 Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions’ Tilson Brito belted 46 homeruns in 4 rounds of play in the All-Star Homerun Derby, setting the new record for most homerun (46) hit and most consecutive homerun (12) hit in the Homerun Derby.
07/20/2008 All-Star Red defeated All-Star White, 5-0, in the 2008 All-Star Game.
08/02/2008 La new Bears’ Mike Johnson collected his 15th straight win starting from the opening of the season, setting the new league record.
08/15/2008 Chinese Taipei lost to China, 7-8, in the 12th inning of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, marking the most devastating lose in Taiwan baseball history.
08/20/2008 Chinese Taipei defeated Canada, 6-5, in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, ranking 5th among 8 teams.
10/08/2008 The prosecutors ordered the search at the office and dormitories of D-media T-REX. According to the DA, D-media’s ownership was composed by syndicate crime groups and the ownership is directly involved with game fixing matters.
10/09/2008 The league announced to suspend the operation of D-media T-REX, cancelling the remaining T-REX games.
10/10/2008 La new Bears’ Mike Johnson pitched to his 20th win of the season, and the Bears clinched the second-half title by defeating the Bulls, 5-4.
10/19/2008 Brother Elephants defeated La new Bears, 10-3, in the 3rd game of the Playoff Series. The Elephants advanced to Taiwan Series with the sweep against the Bears.
10/23/2008 The league announced to expel D-media’s membership with CPBL. The league also announced that it will pursue the damages against D-media and its partners.
11/02/2008 Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions defeated Brother Elephants, 4-0, in 7th game of Taiwan Series. The Lions clinched its 6th championship while Luther Hackman was voted MVP of Taiwan Series.
11/04/2008 La new Bears’ Mike Johnson was voted MVP of the Year; Sinon Bulls’ Lin, Chi-Wei was voted Rookie of the Year.
11/06/2008 Yomiuri Giants visited Taiwan and played four games with La new Bears.
11/11/2008 Chinatrust Whales announced to withdraw from CPBL, ending its 12 years history in Taiwan professional baseball.
11/16/2008 Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions defeated SK Wyverns, 10-4, advancing to the final of 2008 Asia Series.
11/17/2008 Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions lost to Seibu Lions, 0-1, placed 2nd in the 2008 Asia Series.
12/23/2008 The prosecution indicted 33 persons in related to the game fixing scandal. According to the prosecution, at least 13 players are involved. D-media T-REX’s Corey Baily admitted his involvement and returned his gaining from the fix and was not indicted by the prosecution.


02/15/2009 The Players Association was re-enacted. Sinon Bulls’ Yeh, Chun-Chang was elected to the President.
03/07/2009 Chinese Taipei lost to China again, 1-4, becoming the first team to be eliminated in the 2009 World Baseball Classic.
03/28/2009 The Lions defeated the Elephants, 5-1, in the season opener. Mr. & Mrs. President both watch the game as Mr. President threw the ceremonial pitch. Brother Elephants’ Peng, Cheng-min belted the 6000th homerun in league history.
04/04/2009 Instant replay review first introduced to the game.
04/25/2009 Former major league Tsao, Chin-hui made his debut in CPBL with the Elephants and collected his 1st win by defeating the Bulls, 7-5.
06/06/2009 The Lions defeated the Bears, 5-2, marking the Lions 1000th win in team history.
06/22/2009 Sadaharu Oh, the world homerun record holder, gave speech to CPBL players in a specially arranged seminar.
06/28/2009 Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions clinched the first-half season title by defeating the Elephants, 10-7. The Lions became the sole leader for most half-season titles with 10.
07/26/2009 Record setting crowd of 17,369 participated in the 2009 All-Star Game as team White defeated team Red, 6-5. Bears’ Lin, Chih-Sheng won both Homerun Derby and All-Star Game MVP.
10/04/2009 Brother Elephants clinched the second-half season title by defeating the Lions, 7-2. The Elephants tied the record of most half-season titles with 10.
10/24/2009 The Elephants and the Lions played 17 innings in Game 6 of Taiwan Series, setting the new record of CPBL for the longest inning of game ever played. The Elephants defeated the Lions, 5-4, after 6 hours and 14 minutes the first pitch was delivered.
10/25/2009 The Lions defeated the Elephants, 5-2, in Game 7 en route to the clinching of 2009 Taiwan Series. The Lions became the sole leader for most championships at 7.
10/26/2009 The prosecution ordered the search at the dormitories of Brother Elephants and La new Bears in related to what would be the most serious and shocking game fixing scandal in the history of CPBL.
12/01/2009 In the wake of the baseball scandal, the “National Baseball Meeting” was held by the order of the President. The President, while presiding the meeting, also declared the year of 2010 as “Inaugural Season to Strengthen Baseball.”
12/05/2009 Sinon Bulls’ Lin, Yi-Chuan was voted both MVP of the Year and Rookie of the Year.


03/12/2010 MLB 2010 Taiwan Series: CPBL All-Star defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers, 5-2, at Tienmu Stadium in Taipei.
03/14/2010 MLB 2010 Taiwan Series: Los Angeles Dodgers defeated CPBL All-Star, 11-1, at Cheng Ching Lake Stadium in Kaohsiung.
03/20/2010 The Elephants defeated the Lions, 1-0, in the season opener at Tienmu Stadium in Taipei. The Elephants starter Jim Magrane pitched seven scoreless innings to collect the first win of the season.
03/21/2010 First professional baseball game was played at newly built Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium as the Lions defeated the Elephants, 8-5, in front of sell-out crowd of 12,000.
03/29/2010 The Uni-President Corporation announced the resignation of its general manager Jason Lin, who led the Lions to three consecutive titles.
05/24/2010 IBAF President Fraccari issued a statement after meeting with CPBL Commissioner S.P. Chao, reassured to continue the effort to bring the game of baseball back to the Olympics. Fraccari also indicated the possibility to work with International Softball Federation in returning to the Olympics as one "Diamond Sport."
06/07/2010 Due to lack of homerun production and criticism from the players, the League announced to change the official baseball from Mizuno 210 to Mizuno 150, effective from the second-half season.
06/12/2010 The Sinon Bulls clinched the first-half season title by defeating the Lions, 4-2, with the overall record of 33-21-1.
06/25/2010 Former Brother Elephants manager Nakagomi Shin pleaded guilty to all charges related to game-fixing scandal. Shin stated that he pleaded guilty in hope to exchange for freedom so he may return to his homeland Japan.
06/26/2010 CPBL and its four clubs stated that they would file lawsuit against all involving parties in the game-fixing scandal for the compensation of NT 370 millions.
07/25/2010 All-Star White defeated All-Star Red, 6-4, in the 2010 All-Star Game.
08/17/2010 Former Brother Elephants manager Nakagomi Shin sentenced to 20 months with 4-year probation period. Shin was also fined with NT 1.8million.
08/18/2010 Brother Elephants’ Peng, Cheng-min belted his 1000th career hit, becoming the 10th player in CPBL history to reach the milestone. Peng also become the player who reaches the milestone with fewest games (844), plate appearances (3,469) and at-bats (2,838).
08/22/2010 Sinon Bulls’ Chang, Tai-shan produced his 1,583rd hit, becoming the new record holder in CPBL with most hits.
09/02/2010 Former Brother Elephants player Tsao, Chin-hui detained at the airport after twice failing to make court appearances to face game-fixing scandal investigations.
09/21/2010 The CTBA announced 24-man roster for Guangzhou Asian Games. 9 players from CPBL made the cut.
09/26/2010 Brother Elephants defeated La new Bears, 7-2, to clinch the second-half season title.
10/23/2010 The Brother Elephants defeated Sinon Bulls, 6-1, sweeping to the title of the Taiwan Series after three-day rain-delays due to Typhoon Maggie. Manager J.C. Chen became the youngest Taiwan Series winning manager at the age of 35. Magrane, winning pitchers of game 1 and 4, was voted MVP of the Series.
10/25/2010 CPBL announced its first-ever list of players eligible to play abroad.
10/28/2010 Brother Elephants’ Peng, Cheng-min became the first player to present his intention to play abroad by submitting the application to the League.
11/04/2010 2010 CPBL vs. KBO Club Championship: Brother Elephants made a miracle comeback at the bottom of the ninth against the SK Wyverns by the game-winning hit of Wang, Sheng-wei, taking the game 3-2.
11/05/2010 2010 CPBL vs. KBO Club Championship: SK Wyverns defeated the Brother Elephants in Game 2 of the Series, 5-2, to split the Series and NT 10millions prize award.
11/07/2010 Brother Elephants’ Peng, Cheng-min elected as MVP of the Year, while Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions’ Wang, Ching-min voted the Rookie of the Year.
11/08/2010 La new Bears announced its franchise change, moving from Kaohsiung to Taoyuan by signing a 10+10 year deal with Taoyuan County Government.
11/20/2010 Chinese Taipei lost to Korea, 3-9, in the gold medal game of the Guangzhou Asian Games.
12/21/2010 Selected by the Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions, former Seattle Mariners minor league player Chen, Yung-Chi became the overall first pick in the annual draft.
12/27/2010 Sinon Bulls veteran player Chang, Tai-shan traded to the Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions for NT 2.5million.


01/06/2011 La new Bears announced the change of club name to “Lamigo Monkeys” and moved their franchise from Kaohsiung to Taoyuan.
03/17/2011 The Players Association announced that all players will donate one-day pay toward the East Japan Earthquake Relief Program. The League announced that the “Go! Japan!” stickers will be affixed on all players’ helmets for the 2011 season, while the same banner would be hung at all stadiums.
03/18/2011 The "Asia Series 2011" Press Conference was held in Kaohsiung. Representative of NPB assured that NPB will participate in the Asia Series despite the impact caused by the Earthquake.
03/19/2011 The season opened at Cheng-Ching Lake Stadium in Kaohsiung, where 14,028 fans participated in the game. The Elephants defeated the Bulls, 10-4.
04/21/2011 "The Asian & Oceanic Baseball Summit" was held in Taipei.
Commissioners and representatives from NPB, KBO, ABL and CPBL announced that the leagues will work with IBAF on the reinstatement of baseball to the Olympics.
The delegation visited the game between the Elephants and the Bulls at Hsinchu Stadium. NPB Commissioner Kato delivered a speech during pre-game, expressing the gratitude on behalf of Japanese for the support and help provided by Taiwanese people.
05/18/2011 The League announced the schedule and teams of the Asia Series 2011. Championship teams from NPB, KBO, ABL and CPBL will play the Series from November 25-29, 2011.
06/18/2011 The Lions defeated the Bulls, 6-4, clinching the first-half season championship. This is also the 11th half-season title of the Lions.
06/27/2011 The General Managers’ Meeting announced the new rules governing the returnees from foreign leagues: Players obtained FA status from foreign leagues will be allowed to join any club without participating the annual draft. This decision is nicknamed "Chien-Ming Wang Clause."
06/30/2011 The District Court announced the sentencing of the 2009 game-fixing case: former Elephants player Chih-Yuan Chen received 30 months and NT 3.5 million fine; former Bears player Chih-Chia Chang received 26 months and NT 3 million fine; others received from 15 months to 4 years with NT 300,000 to 2 million fine. The League also pursued the sum of NT 370 million in damages from the players.
07/23/2011 Cheng-Yo Chung of the Monkeys defeated Kuo-Ching Kao of the Lions, 10-8, in the final round of the All-Star Homerun Derby, grabbing the title for the first time.
07/24/2011 Team Red (Elephants and Moneys) defeated Team White (Lions and Bulls), 6-4, in the annual All-Star Game held in Cheng-Ching Lake Stadium in Kaohsiung. Chih-Hao Chang of the Elephants was voted MVP of the Game.
07/27/2011 Chih-Sheng Lin of the Monkeys reach 800 career hits in 667 games, becoming the player to reach 800 hits in fewest games in CPBL history.
07/30/2011 Cheng-Lung Lo of the Bulls gave up 19 hits against the Monkeys, setting the record for most hit given up by single pitcher in one game in CPBL history.
08/12/2011 Yueh-Ping Lin of the Lions recorded his 83 career saves, setting the record for most saves by local player in CPBL history.
08/20/2011 Tai-Shan Chang of the Bulls scored 900th career run, setting the record for most run scored in CPBL history.
08/31/2011 The Board of Owners accepted the resignation by Commissioner Chao but requested Chao to serve as acting Commissioner until the end of the year. The Board of Owners also announced to invite Chao to be the Honorary Commissioner.
09/11/2011 Fu-Fao Liu of the Lions belted his 13th homerun while batting first, setting the new record for most homerun hit while batting first in CPBL history.
10/08/2011 The Monkeys defeated the Elephants, 2-0, in the last regular game of the season at Tienmu Stadium to clinch the second-half season title and the berth to the Taiwan Series 2011.
10/20/2011 The Lions defeated the Bulls, 10-6, to clinch the Taiwan Series 2011 with 4-1 record. The Lions also won the eligibility to play in Asia Series 2011, becoming the first team to appear in the Series for the third time.
10/21/2011 The League announced its first-ever Free Agent list: Cheng-min Peng of the Elephants and 6 other players are among the firsts to receive the FA status.
10/24/2011 Chien-Fu Yang of the Bulls filed for FA, becoming the first player to file for FA in CPBL history.
10/26/2011 Cheng-Min Peng of the Elephants filed for FA.
10/30/2011 The Annual Award Ceremony was held in Taipei. Hung-Yu Lin of the Monkeys was vote MVP of the Year by the Baseball Press Association. Ta-Yuan Kuan of the Elephants received the Rookie of the Year Award.
10/31/2011 Samsung Lions defeated SK Wyverns, 4 wins to 1, clinching the championship of Korea Series 2011. The Lions also became the second team to appear in the Asia Series for the third time.
11/20/2011 Fukuoka Softbank Hawks defeated Chunichi Dragons, 4 wins to 3, clinching the championship of Japan Series 2011. The Hawks won its first appearance to the Asia Series.
11/25/2011 Asia Series 2011: Samsung Lions defeated Perth Heat, 10-2; Fukuoka Softbank Hawks defeated Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions 6-5;
11/26/2011 Asia Series 2011: Fukuoka Softbank Hawks defeated Samsung Lions, 9-0; Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions defeated Perth Heat, 3-2;
11/27/2011 Asia Series 2011: Fukuoka Softbank Hawks defeated Perth Heat, 4-0; Samsung Lions defeated Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions 6-3;
11/29/2011 Asia Series 2011: Samsung Lions defeated Fukuoka Softbank Hawks, 5-3, in the championship game, becoming the first KBO team to win the title of the Asia Series. Lions’ pitcher Won-Sam Chang was named MVP of the Series.
12/28/2011 The Annual Draft was held in Taipei, 20 of 31 players were selected.